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iOS 11.2.1 is available to download almost 24 hours ago, and if you have an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X

94 points for the iPhone 8 Plus, which again sports a double camera, and 92 points for the iPhone 8.

More details of the iPhone 8 continue to be filtered from the HomePod code lines.

Finally, we left them with a non-functional prototype of the iPhone 8, which was published by the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy

Rarely has there been a talk of an iPhone before its launch as what is being talked about the iPhone 8.

Gismo Trends bursts through all rumors and brings all the news around one of the hottest smartphones of the year - the Apple iPhone 8

According to the Apple Watch, Cupertino also wants to put in the upcoming iPhone 8 on wireless charging, in which market observers agree.

iPhone 8 gets all the attention this time. It is expected to be released earlier than the rest iPhones launched in the past.

The iPhone X goes a step further and adds optical stabilizer also to the telephoto lens and not just to the main camera.

But the study goes further, and it is estimated that by the summer of 2019 Apple will sell about 130 million iPhone X

The Californian manufacturer aligns its small iPhone SE on the latest flattened old iPhone models

Samsung is rumored to be prepping a pair of new Galaxy S8 models that will launch next year, including a regular S8 and a phablet model.

One of the security measures iPhone and iPad is the unlock code and the automatic deletion of data after several failed attempts.

And it is increasingly clear that Samsung will be responsible for manufacturing the iPhone X Plus screen.

According to the Chinese media, the 2019 generation of the iPhone could bring a system of three lenses for its camera.

Apple released a new video spot last Friday that enhances the iPhone X 's face recognition unlock feature.

The company has started sending out invitations to media and students where a strange message appears: "Let's take a field trip".

Consumer Report indicates that the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus are the two smartphones that have the best cameras today.

Apple had a remarkable 2017: its AirPod became ubiquitous throughout the country (United States), Apple Watch Series 3 is a sales success

The most striking is, without doubt, the Moto Z3 and Moto X5 that would have a 3D scanner, Face ID type, similar to the iPhone X.

The reason that caused the delay in the change of battery of the iPhone 6 Plus is none other than the lack of stock of this battery in particular

Apple apologized for his way of communicating the management of their battery devices when it degrades over time.

iPhone 6 with the iOS 10.2.1 update, reduces the frequency of the processor in times of maximum stress-performance-to avoid reboots-the phone suddenly

And is that developers prefer to focus on the app that generates more users, currently the iOS before the macOS.

Huawei could achieve with the new technology that would mount its spectacular triple lens camera that would mount the new Huawei P11

The iPhone 7 shows a similar, if not quite as clear picture. That it is not so clear, it may be because the iPhone 7 batteries

It is, nothing more, nothing less than the Samsung Galaxy S9, the terminal of the Korean firm that could be presented to the public one month later than expected.

The date of presentation of Samsung Galaxy S9 has been and is currently one of the juiciest information currently in the sector

Now, for example, we know that the company is looking to assemble its own printed circuits for greater speed and performance from Apple Watch and MacBook.

In any case, we will have to see how the market responds to the iPhone X when the fever of Christmas shopping disappears

According to the latest leaks, the design of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will not present any changes compared to the Galaxy S8.

The iPhone X's headset works like a speaker that combines with the traditional speaker on the bottom of the device to simulate stereo sound.

The author of this hack has not explained the vulnerabilities discovered in the iPhone X that allowed him to perform the jailbreak to the new phone

Of course, with the arrival of the Face ID to the tablet, the animoji would also make their iPad debut, as well as the facial recognition feature to unlock the device

The OLED screen of the iPhone X is manufactured by Samsung but calibrated and completely designed by Apple.

iStockNow can be used to find out if other recently launched Apple products are also in stores. Like the Apple Watch Series 3 or Apple TV

The iPhone X is already among us and one of the main signs of identity that looks next to its screen is its identification system

In the iPhone X, we had the doubt, due to the fact that we do not have a Home button, but we can activate the function.

Apple publicly acknowledged that this is their goal with the iPhone, and for that, the first step is the iPhone X.

But it seems that Apple plans to make a really flexible iPhone, and its LG provider is already working on it according to the latest reports.

The new holster, which looks for financing on Kickstarter, allows us to charge both iPhone and AirPods from the same place.

When a new software update is available for the iPhone or iPad, it will be downloaded automatically if your device has a Wi-Fi connection

According to resolution and diagonal, this Pixel XL 2 could be narrower than the original model

If finally the Galaxy C10 Samsung's first mobile phone with the double camera will be lost for Galaxy Note 8 that surprise factor

The front camera of the current iPhone is 32mm and of course is the best. However, according to MacOtakara