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Huawei P300

Huawei P300, P400 and P500: these could be the names of future smartphones made by the Chinese company

moto z3 play

Motorola moto z3 play or moto z2 force, you will surely be pleased that these models are getting an update ...

AirPlay 2

Apple has published a complete list of all smart TVs that support or will support, its AirPlay 2 sharing protocol

Xbox One S xbox_header

In the case of Lockhart, it is described as a console that would offer a potential similar to what we ...

The company has started sending out invitations to media and students where a strange message appears: "Let's take a field ...

How to customize Active Edge actions in the Google Pixel 2

Of course, we must bear in mind that to use Edge Sense Plus we need to have rooted the Google ...

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 will be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo with MIUI 9 as a software layer and ...

The price of this physical edition of 'Rocket League' is higher than the versions of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, ...

iOS 11.2

Well, I'm sorry for them, but Apple has other plans. In flat Friday afternoon, the company has released the beta ...

second-generation HP Specter 13

Embedded under the Specter seal, it was the second generation HP Specter 13 and the HP Specter X360.

MacBook Pro

Apple has released official sleeves for the 12-inch MacBook, made in European leather and sold for 169 euros

Tim Cook promises us that the Mac mini has a future, and we wonder what it is

Now what I'm wondering is, will they give a new focus to that Mac mini or will it still be ...

Multitasking by 3D Touch is back! Available in beta 2 of iOS 11.1

Indeed, it has been so, since the beta 2 of iOS 11.1 ( published a few hours ago ) it ...

MGCOOL Confirms EIS And Gyroscope Integration With The Upcoming Explorer Camera

MGCOOL has added support for EIS and Gyroscope, which are not available with competing cameras.


When we buy any type of device that has an operating system inside, one of our concerns refers to the ...

Android Oreo will soon be able to support the themes without having to rootear the smartphone.

Surface Pro 4

Microsoft has started deploying a new firmware update for its 2-in-1 Surface Pro 4.

Geekbuying Massive MGCOOL Explorer Pro Sale

With MGCOOL Explorer Pro mobile app, you can sync images and videos to your smartphone

MGCOOL Explorer Pro

As part of the Gearbest Summer Sale, the Chinese-based e-commerce retailer is throwing away MGCOOL Explorer Pro at just $29.99

rumored Siri Speaker

Apple already started mass production of the rumored Siri Speaker, but that the device would not be marketed until later ...

huawey y3 2017

One in which the Huawei Y3 2017 is listed on the official website of the Chinese company Huawei.

Zenfone 4 Max appears in an ASUS database, code ZC554KL

There are several novelties expected during this event. Among them is the launch of the ASUS Zenfone 4 range.

Lenovo IdeaPad 720S

Although not yet announced, the Lenovo IdeaPad 720S has already appeared on the sites of some American retailers, including Best ...

MGCOOL Explorer

The camera MGCOOL Explorer features an Allwinner V3 SoC and Sony IMX 179 CMOS sensor.

Windows Mixed Reality

And is that the spring update for Windows 10 has added support for this platform that has now been renamed ...

MGCOOL Explorer and Explorer 1S

Drawing technology not only in MGCOOL Explorer 1S but also with MGCOOL Explorer

MGCOOL Explorer series action camera happy sale on coolicool 

This spring, MGCOOl released 3 action camera, MGCOOL Explorer 1S, MGCOOL Explorer, MGCOOL Explorer ES.

MGCOOL Explorer ES is the latest budget friendly action camera manufactured by the company without sacrificing premium features.

Gopro will be sad again ? MGCOOL want to say.

MGCOOL and Yi will be the top choices alternative to GoPro.


Known for its bass helmets with a strong aesthetic, the American manufacturer V-Moda is now launching on the market portable ...

Google Allo

Integrated with Google Assistant, Allo allows the use of voice commands to get useful information even during conversations

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 goes with the "They Shall Not Pass" DLC into the first paid extension.

iPhone 8

Gismo Trends bursts through all rumors and brings all the news around one of the hottest smartphones of the year ...

MGCOOL Explorer 1S

MGCOOL announced MGCOOL Explorer 1S which has essentially all the same features except it tops out at 4K@24fps

The best cheap MGCOOL Explore will be shipped out in March

MGCOOL Explorer is able to capture 4K videos at 15 fps (or 2K and 1,080p videos at 30 fps and ...


MGCOOL Band 2 is a robust, low-power, SPI, 3-axis accelerometer with integrated FIFO buffer that features a wide range of ...

Huawei Mate 9

The Leica dual-camera developed with Leica in the Huawei Mate 9 offers many features that allow a special effect for ...

Xbox Boss Urges To “Wait” Before Pre-ordering Xbox Scorpio

Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, says people should wait with pre-ordering the upcoming Xbox Scorpio until games have been ...


Now MGCOOL once again has two more cameras Explorer and Explorer 1S ready to release.


MGCOOL Explorer has a 4K resolution, 2-inch large screen, up to 64GB of memory expansion


MGCOOL surprises us with amazing New Year gifts, not one but two. They are MGCOOL’s Explorer and Explorer 1S.


MGCOOL Explorer 2 became the world's second action camera which supports voice control, about two weeks earlier than YI 4K ...


Sony dredge youth with his family Extra Bass, which hosts this month of N four new portable speakers and two ...


Recently, we learned that MGCOOL Explorer 2 will be equipped with a powerful gyroscope sensor


If you're interested in giving 360-degree photography a go, this MGCOOL Cam 360 will let you get started.