Keyboard Apps Suited for Android Devices

Android devices can be revamped with different features which are vastly available instead of purchasing a brand new device.

Keyboard Apps Suited for Android Devices

The phone can be remodified by using new keyboard apps to give it a good look. Below mentioned are some of the suitable keyboard apps for Android devices.

These apps fascinate the users who are making use of their smartphone to accomplish various undertakings and they feature several themes, emojis, GIFs and lots more to refresh the user interaction with such apps.



This app is best suited for users who type slowly and it helps them to boost their speed. This app is also recommended for users who type quickly to give a try to experience this app. Word predictions are done with great precision giving the users more than a reason to make use of this app which is quite productive. The keyboard can be integrated with dazzling color options to give it a rich look for the users.

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This app allows users to design a keyboard depending on their liking and ideas. The themes to enrich the app with visual beauty also comprises of movie themes apart from colors. It’s amazing GIF feature is another notable characteristic of the app. It is packed with more than 800 emojis and stickers as well.

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Featured as one of Google’s products, this Google Keyboard for Android devices is stylish and offers simple use of it. Apart from it the fascinating gliding and the beneficial voice typing features of the app gives the users a good experience. This app is as well adaptable with GIF like the aforementioned Flesky. Emojis can be easily searched for and used which is a distinct attribute of this app.

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This app allows its users to copy and paste multiple things simultaneously with its clipboard based on the Curve feature fused with the app. Battery charging is also improved by making use of this app. The phone can be enhanced with themes which number over 400 in quantity and the app is integrated with 97 languages at present.

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This app is based on swipe typing which makes the users familiarized with it as time passes and augments the speed of typing of the user. The app based on the user’s typing style will comprehend the user and aids them to type more properly in the subsequent times depending on the user. Another amazing feature of this app is that it predicts and suggests the apt emojis which depends on the input given by the user.

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ginger app

This app is imbibed with the standard keyboard attributes like word predictions & swiping functionalities along with some extra attributes which enthrall the users and make them use the new keyboard generated by the app with exciting interactivity. The Smart Bar will sync the most used apps of the users with the fascinating keyboard and makes them easy to retrieve the needed information. There are many themes with various colors, fun integrated ones, and picture based themes providing a range of alternatives for the users to select from, spicing things up.

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talk type

This app is recommended for those who prefer the talk-to-type feature on their standard keyboards. This app is more precise in its functionality as it allows the users to create messages or notes merely by speaking. It also helps in sorting out a mistake in the text by speaking the apt word or by long touching the word in the text so as to generate alternatives. This app also finds its usage in planning with others in a simple way. The keyboard permits the users to share local places o Yelp to the person whom the user is texting. It features the useful attribute of working on other objectives without leaving the conversation at all.

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