Google Phases Out ‘Google Cast’ Branding

Google’s Cast streaming dongle, originally launched as the Google ChromeCast and later re-branded, looks like it’ll be going back to its former name with Google said to be phasing out the ‘Cast’ branding from its products and sites.

However, according to Android Police, Google has already renamed the official @GoogleCast Twitter account back to @Chromecast, and changed a lot of the text on the Google Cast website to describes Google Cast as “Chromecast built-in.”

“First, nothing about the technology has changed. We’re rebranding Google Cast to “Chromecast built-in” to help users identify the technology that they’ve come to enjoy and appreciate. The new branding officially starts in 2017, which is why you’ll see it slowly rolling out in the meantime.”

The changes have been happening quietly in recent weeks, and likely coincided with the introduction of Google Home, the company’s answer to Amazon’s Echo that is closely integrated with Chromecast.

Hardware partners like Vizio, Toshiba, and Philips all have started to advertise their cast-enabled TVs with the new language, and Vizio has even removed previous mentions of “Google Cast” from its website.


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